Sell online and be paid in cash

Grow your market through our regional network of 24/7 cash payments. Start processing cash payments on your website or app now!

With the PAGO46 payment button, your customers can shop online and pay cash anytime, anywhere. Our platform allows your customers to connect and transact with our thousands of 46ers, who are available to make cash collections at any given place and time.


Convenient payment method

Cash payment solution available 24/7 anywhere.

Reaches more people

Reach thousands of people who don't have a credit card or bank account.

Increase your sales

Instant cash payments. No long lines or wasted time for your customers.

Add visibility to your business

Your store will appear in our marketplace powered by thousands of 46ers who will be able to sell even more your products or services.

Why integrate PAGO46 into my business?

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