Find your Forrest and Lt. Dan

As we go through our second week of Coronavirus in our markets, we find our core value of “finding your Forrest and Lt. Dan” more important than ever. At P46, we are revolutionizing cash payments by making them more beneficial and convenient for consumers and merchants. Companies and startups are built by people, and we believe people at P46 are what is going to make a difference for us to succeed. 

This week, as we navigate through Coronavirus, we reminded our team of our “Find your Forrest and Lt. Dan” core value. What do we mean by this value? If you remember the movie Forrest Gump, you surely remember that time when Hurricane Carmen came and posed a significant challenge to the entire shrimp industry. Both Forrest and Lt. Dan were caught in this massive storm in the middle of the sea as they were trying to keep their business afloat. Long story short, the hurricane eventually passed, destroying most of the boats it encountered at the dock, while Forrest and Lt. Dan were able to navigate the storm and continue providing shrimps to the market, eventually creating Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.

Just like Forrest and Lt. Dan; we are navigating this storm with a disciplined focus on our execution, having a clear mission, and continue providing service to our merchants leveraging our unique technology and platform. Even in chaos you may find opportunity. All it requires is a little bit of craziness and controlling your fear like Lt. Dan, and a master pilot like Forrest to go through it, being optimistic and believing in your skills and team.   

To other startups and companies that are out there in the sea, remember the opportunity lies ahead of this storm. There’s plenty of shrimp to catch, challenge yourself, your team, to find your Forrest & Lt. Dan that will get you through Coronavirus.

Here’s a little piece of video to inspire you

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